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Puppet Contract

In a quiet corner of the outskirts of England, there stands a luxurious and elegant villa. This villa belongs to the elderly Mr. Shishaer (Jim Norton Jim Norton) and Mrs. Shishaer (Diana Hardcastle Diana Hardcastle). On this day, the villa ushered in a young girl. The girl's name is Greta (played by Lauren Cohan). For some reason, he hopes to escape his previous life, and he is also employed by Shishaer to complete a strange job. The Shishars are about to go on vacation, and they ask Greta to take care of their "son" Brahms, a doll that looks like a boy. Greta was amused at first, but seeing the seriousness of the couple, she controlled her curiosity as much as possible. The couple set an insurmountable clause for Greta, but when they left, Greta eventually violated the commandment. What surprised her was that Brahms seemed to be alive...


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