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Hong Kong is a civilized society ruled by law. There really shouldn’t be an inhumane and lawless prison, especially a prison responsible for confining minor criminals, aged from 14 to under 25. It's called a labor education center. Prisoners experience physical, mental, and spiritual beatings and insults every day. It can be said that there is a hell. The protagonist, Afan, is a young and Dangerous boy leader who was sentenced to a labor camp because of a slight conflict with the police. Three days after being imprisoned, he could no longer bear the brutal treatment in the prison and decided to commit suicide. After being rescued, relying on a belief that he insisted on getting out of prison to visit his critically ill grandmother, he endured humiliation and survived, and was able to leave with the shortest sentence in the end. During the process, Afan witnessed and experienced all kinds of insults, and even encountered the strange death of a fellow prisoner. The truth will never come to light. Is there really only one way for a person to change himself? Does the world really need a labor camp like this?


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