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The Metamorphosis of Boyfriend (2018)

The male protagonist Hong Baizhi is a boy with a low IQ and a bit "stupid". The heroine Yang Lei is an excellent woman with dreams and opinions. The two met on high school campus. The heroine is the senior of the hero. A total of nine years have passed since the two met on the green campus and came together after graduation. In order for her family to accept the "stupid" male protagonist Hong Baizhi, the female protagonist Yang Lei decided to train and transform the male protagonist herself, making him capable and assertive. The story unfolds from here. The film tells the story of a pair of lovers from knowing each other to falling in love to breaking up due to misunderstanding and finally getting rid of the misunderstanding and getting back together again. The girl in the play is a girl with dreams and abilities. In order to have a bright future with her cowardly but kind-hearted boyfriend, she resolutely shoulders the responsibility of changing her boyfriend. Although there were misunderstandings and separations in the middle, the two finally recognized themselves , rebuild the old good.


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