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The past of Yanfen Village

Twenty years ago, a father discovered that his son was not his own, so he wanted to humiliate him by jumping off a building, and later decided to take revenge. Twenty years ago, the son decided to give up his studies and start a business as a teenager in accordance with the "study is useless theory" guided by the father he admired. Twenty years ago, a young man fell in love with a girl. For his love, the young man kidnapped the school-abandoned boy whose father found out that he was not his own son. A kidnapping case changed everyone in the three stories. Twenty years later, the father walked out of prison and saw his son pulling his feet for a living. Twenty years later, the man and woman who were passionately in love back then met in the ballroom, but at this moment, one of them is disabled and the other is missing. One was reduced to a dancer, and the other was lonely. Twenty years ago, twenty years later, a story about youth was stated with laughter and suspense.


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