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Legend of Meihu

It is said that Changbai Mountain was actually an active volcano in ancient times. Every time it erupted, people would be devastated. The gods couldn't bear the scene, so they shed a drop of tears, which turned into a water pearl and fell on the top of the mountain, forming a heavenly pool to hold down the lava. Since then, the volcano has disappeared erupted, and Changbai Mountain became full of vitality, with flowers and plants everywhere. I don't know when a spirit fox was born in the mountains. After thousands of years of practice, the guardian beast Yulin privately used the power of the water spirit beads to help the white fox transform into a human form, named Bailian. And a fire spirit born in the lava under the seal took the opportunity to escape from the seal and fled to the human world. Bai Lian had just developed human wisdom, and she didn't know the dangers in the world, so she insisted on going down the mountain to find the fire spirit. Master Yulin, the big demon, reminded her and repeatedly warned that the world is so dangerous, and it is even more dangerous to catch demon masters. After going down the mountain, Bai Lian was addicted to the hustle and bustle of the world, and gradually forgot the master's warning, and was hurt by someone accidentally.


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