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I'm not a big star

The popular star Jamie has been working extremely hard since he started his career. In order to get rid of the control of the brokerage company, he disappeared abroad. The takeaway brother Jebuzhu looks very similar to Jamie, the owner of the brokerage company Hao Hao Xu lured Jebuzhu to pretend to be Jamie with a lot of money, and Jebuzhu became a star ever since. But the life of a star is not as comfortable as Jebsuke imagined. Not only do he have to keep fit and practice singing, but he also deliberately stirs up gossip and catches up with Taiwan's popular artist Amy. After getting along with Amy day and night, Jebzu fell in love with Amy, and he was very guilty of telling Amy the truth. Amy was moved by Jeb's sincerity, and she agreed secretly. Jiebuzhu didn't want to work for Hao Hiyo anymore, and declared the truth to the news media. Hao Haiyo was furious and severely punished Jiebuzhu.


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