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Not long after Yan Chixia retired from the world, the monsters in Montenegro affected the surrounding area, and even the masters of the Kunlun School couldn't deal with it. Yan Chixia's trusted village messenger informed of the appearance of the Revenant Flower and the abnormalities around the village, and asked Yan Chixia for help. Yan Chixia did not listen to the little monster's advice and decided to go out to investigate. It turns out that the Revenant Flower is the favorite of Huangquan Baima, a magical horse that can enter the gate of hell. Yan Chixia thinks this is a big deal. After rejecting the kind suggestion of the butterfly mob who likes her, Yan Chixia starts the road of investigation . During the investigation, Yan Chixia was involved in a court conspiracy. After finishing the matter, Yan Chixia was even more confused when she saw her former brothers follow the eunuch that everyone hated in order to protect the prince. After returning to Lanruo Temple, the villagers had been waiting for Yan Chixia for a long time. After taking out the messenger's body, Yan Chixia strengthened her determination to help everyone solve the root problem. According to the clues provided by the villagers, Yan Chixia came to Lianhua Village where the most suspicious incident happened. In Lianhua Village, she met the mysterious little monk Wuchen with powerful magic power, and with the help of Wuchen, she killed the big eye who endangered the village. monster. After solving the problem of Lianhua Village, Yan Chixia and Wuchen parted ways. Wuchen solved the spider monster that captured the prince's residence on the road, while Yan Chixia entered Montenegro according to the clues and rescued the trapped Kunlun master. Finally, after the enemy black-blooded old monster appeared, Yan Chixia, with the help of everyone, went through several twists and turns, and finally worked together with difficulty to kill this scourge that endangered the village. The matter has come to an end, but the crisis has not been resolved, another wave of evil forces in Montenegro has not disappeared, and Wuchen came to Lanruo Temple and found that the gate of hell is right under Lanruo Temple!


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