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Super Body (Original Version)

The young woman Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), who was forced by her evil boyfriend to deliver goods, met the vicious gang leader Mr. Zhang (Cui Minzhi). Together with the three men, Mr. Zhang sewed a mysterious medicine code-named CPH4 into her abdomen, and smuggled the medicine into different countries. During the Panhuan period in Taipei, Lucy was violently beaten by a wicked man, causing the medicine to burst into his blood. Unexpectedly, something unbelievable happened. The drug stimulated the potential of Lucy's brain, causing about 90% of the neurons in the brain to wake up one after another. With the rapid physical evolution, Lucy has mastered more and more so-called superpowers. She clearly understood the powerful power of CPH4, so she tried every means to prevent the other three bags of medicine from falling into the hands of Mr. Zhang and his team.


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