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New biography of veterans

The War of Liberation is not yet over, somewhere in the Great Northern Wilderness. The old Zhan (played by Cui Wei), who has been reemployed, responded to the call of the country and came to Heilongjiang to open up wasteland and build a farm. He was accompanied by former correspondents Xiao Dongzi (played by Sun Yongping) and Zhou Qinghe (played by Gu Yelu). Xiaodongzi is enthusiastic and lively, while Zhou Qinghe is afraid of the deserted Great Northern Wilderness. Lao Zhan established a preparatory office in an abandoned bunker, and he is full of confidence in the future of the Great Northern Wilderness. The constant influx of reclamation troops and agricultural machinery made Lao Zhan full of joy. After arguing with the deputy director Zhao Songyun (played by Han Tao), he insisted on sowing 10,000 mu of winter wheat in anticipation of next year's summer harvest. One day, the surviving Kuomintang bandit soldiers raided a nearby village. After hearing the news, Lao Zhan organized farm personnel to suppress the bandits and helped the people regain the robbed grain. The people were deeply moved. During the summer harvest, the harvesters were not enough, and the local people spontaneously helped the farm harvest wheat. The feat of "hukou" grabbing grain deeply moved the farm workers, and Lao Zhan was also faced with accepting new tasks...


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