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Senior sister is also crazy

Li Li, the captain of the national special service team, was instructed to learn that the leaders of the international crime group, Hu Ye and Long Biao, were going to make a big deal, so she led a team to attack but failed to capture the two leaders. Daming practiced martial arts with Li Li since he was a child, and fell in love with him for a long time after he grew up. Da Ming accidentally picks up the floppy disk used by the gangsters in the transaction, but accidentally leaves the certificate at the scene. Long Biao's subordinates found Daming's ID card when they returned to the scene to search for the floppy disk, so they tracked it all the way to Daming's house and forced Li Li to exchange the floppy disk for hostages. Li Li cleverly used the strategy of diverting the tiger away from the mountain, and finally captured Lord Tiger and Long Biao alive after going through hardships and obstacles.


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