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Psionic 100% II

Shigeo Kageyama, a second-year middle school student who wants to live a normal life, is commonly known as "dragon". He has an inconspicuous appearance that can be mixed in the crowd in an instant, but he actually possesses super powers that are stronger than anyone... The youth and love between such a dragon and the people around him quietly accumulate until they explode. All kinds of feelings. And, the return of the mysterious organization "claw" that once blocked the dragon. The soul of the adolescent boy is roaring, where will his future go! ?


  • 第01集:第01集
  • 第02集:第02集
  • 第03集:第03集
  • 第04集:第04集
  • 第05集:第05集
  • 第06集:第06集
  • 第07集:第07集
  • 第08集:第08集
  • 第09集:第09集
  • 第10集:第10集
  • 第11集:第11集
  • 第12集:第12集
  • 第13集:第13集
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