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One day, a woman (Bing) died, and he went to the police station to find her. Even more surprising, she belonged to his wife. In fact, the man (Zhou Ge) the police were looking at had already been killed. Her husband recently handed me over to the chairman of a well-known consideration company. He was found dead in his miserable living room. In such a dark interrogation room, I had to make my first day with Soo-yeon and the detective. Such words are frightening. My husband (Zhou Ge) is a devilish figure. Usually my grades let the toys out, even her sister (yes years) into multi-view outrageous. After a little bit of investigation, Xiuyan's real person was discovered, and everyone couldn't help being surprised that the investigation seemed to end so smoothly. But the weird thing is her (ice) thing. What is the meaning of each layer elution etc. Can't hide it. The whereabouts of the younger sister are unknown. Romance also considers that the employees of the company are also hesitant. The team leader's nagging, which was about to end, continued the investigation without giving in. Suddenly the news that my younger brother Kite committed suicide suddenly, her (year) will and a recording file were discovered. At the beginning of the incident, the relationship with Xiuyan became more and more difficult.


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