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African monk

Overseas Chinese Asen (played by Chen Shanhe) invited Lin Daoshi (played by Lin Zhengying) to participate in an auction far away in the UK. The two bought the zombies of the ancestors of the Asen family and prepared to transport them back to China for burial. Unexpectedly, the plane encountered thick fog halfway The weather caused them to lose their way and fly to Africa, where they got separated from the zombies while skydiving. The zombies were brought back by the local aboriginal Lisuhe tribe, but Lin Daoshi and Asen fell into siege by wild beasts. Lisu kindly helped a white woman who arrested an African girl, but she didn't want to repay. Instead, she left and planned to take the diamonds that the indigenous people used as a tool for herself. After Lin Daoshi and Asen got away, they were in danger again, and it was Lisu who rescued them again. The two stayed in the Lisu camp to recuperate, and at the same time found the lost zombie. At this time, the white people led many helpers back to snatch the diamonds, and Lin Daoshi sent zombies to fight against the black wizard invited by the white people...


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