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Number one ex-wife

Emotional columnist Yan Ying (played by Hao Lei), interior designer Lin Duoyu (played by Mao Junjie), and housewife Ji Qin (played by Li Shutong) who open an online shop at home are three good sisters who have been in love since college. They seem to be living a smooth life, but like brothers and sisters, they have experienced marriage setbacks. Yan Ying was determined not to have children, but her husband Fang Weigang (played by Gao Yalin), who is a businessman, finally cheated; Duo Yu and her ex-husband Han Bin (played by Zhu Gang Riyao) lacked communication, and the two drifted away; Ji Qin was deeply in love with her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law She and her husband Wu Mo (played by Chi Jia) were both exhausted in the vicious circle of killing. Today, the three people who bear the title of "ex-wife" are still deeply mired in the emotional quagmire and cannot extricate themselves.


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