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God of Fortune 4

The young man Wang Jiacheng always complained that his father, who could only brag, did not bring him a rich life. One day, Wang Jiacheng suddenly met the God of Wealth and learned that he was a boy who spread wealth in his previous life. If you want to return to Xianlie, you must first find the ultimate fortune. The God of Wealth lent him the ability to modify the fortunes of others. Wang Jiacheng modified the fortunes of his girlfriend and Fa Xiao successively, not wanting to be messed up by his father. He believed that his father was the root of poverty, so he began to modify his father's fortune. In the process, he suddenly realized that his father had never boasted, and his father had given up too many better choices for him and his family. But it was too late at this moment, because his father became dementia because he changed his father's fortune a lot. At this moment, Wang Jiacheng embarked on the journey of changing his father's fate against the sky. During the execution of Tianlei, Wang Jiacheng suddenly woke up and found that everything was actually a dream. Hugging his father, he realized that being with his close relatives is the real happiness.


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