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Anle Battlefield

One summer, a group of people from all walks of life in Hong Kong formed a Philippine tour group. Led by the beautiful girl Candy (played by Irene Wan), they came to this warm tropical country. The local tour guide A Bu (played by Eric Tsang) leads the Hong Kong tourists to go shopping and have a pleasant day. At night, after enjoying a unique performance in a restaurant, the tourists are going back to the hotel for a rest. At this moment, there were violent explosions and intensive gunfire from the opposite shop. It turned out that several guerrillas of the Philippine Communist Party were trading guns in it, but they encountered the police who came after hearing the news, and a fierce gun battle broke out between the two sides. At the time of desperation, guerrillas hijacked a bus of tourists from Hong Kong. They threatened the lives of the hostages and demanded that the government release the leader of the Philippine Communist Party.


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