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Record of Confidential Files Fire Butterfly

Cat (Luo Huijuan) and her boyfriend Ben (Lin Junxian) are a pair of delinquent youths. Ben admired the beauty of the fire butterfly very much, so Cat, who dared to love and hate, tattooed a fire rose on his chest. During an operation to rob a taxi driver, they are spotted by policeman Wu ZuiGou (Michael Miu). Unfortunately, Cat is arrested and Ben manages to escape. While Cat was in prison, Ben became more mindful, put an end to his absurd life, and even opened a garage. After Cat was released from prison, he wanted to reconcile with Ben, but Ben got acquainted with his new girlfriend Alda (played by Tong Ai Ling), so he had to stay in Ben's garage to work part-time. Cat owes debts due to financial problems, and the creditor Da KouBa (Wang Qing) makes trouble in Ben's garage. In order to get revenge, Cat actually planted a bomb in Da KouBa's car, seriously injuring Da KouBa's subordinates. Da KouBa forces Cat to repay the decoction fee, and even tries to rape Cat. Cat resists to the death, so he has to participate in Da KouBa's car theft. The car theft fails, and Da Kou Pa leads a crowd to the garage in an attempt to kill Cat. At this time, there are only two people in the garage, Cat and Alda. In order to protect Alda, Cat tries his best to resist and is seriously injured. Fortunately...


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