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The True and False Veyron of the Machine Boy

Ba Ye, the eldest brother of the underworld, is terminally ill. When he is dying, he entrusts the affairs of the club to his adopted son Jiu Wenlong Huang Jiudi (played by Andy Lau), who is about to return to Hong Kong from Italy, and entrusts his brother Qi Ye (played by Wu Mengda) and bodyguard Xiao Zhu (played by Xiao Zhu) Aaron Kwok) tried his best to help. The fall of power has made Long Ye (played by Yuan Heping), a powerful figure in the society, and Xiaotian, a rising star, very dissatisfied. At the same time, at the airport in India, the dwarf Huang Jiudi had the same appearance as Li Xiaoling, a mental arithmetic genius with only children's intelligence, and accidentally switched identities. However, Li, who has an adult appearance, only focuses on the game all day long. Li was taken into the police station because of the violence of his subordinates. The kind-hearted Li reached a consensus with the police and promised to transform the club into a force for maintaining law and order. Li fell in love with Long Ye's daughter Jing Ying (played by Guan Zhilin) ​​at first sight, but Long Ye took this opportunity to contact Xiao Tian, ​​intending to put Li to death during the wedding...


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