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Mong Kok Wind and Cloud

Liang Bing (played by Liang Hanwen) is a lonely waiter in a tea restaurant. His favorite hobby is to hear the stories of the young and Dangerous boy Bai Huayou and others. The repeated use of white flower oil made Liang Bing fascinated. As Liang Bing got closer to the young and Dangerous boys, he unknowingly merged into their ranks, and finally joined Lang Qing's family. Lang Qing's demeanor and skill made Liang Bing very fond of him. One day, Lang Qing and others had a dispute with the movie star and gangster Lei Long (played by Huang Qiusheng) in the movie theater, and the two gangs have forged a grudge since then. Lei Long caught Leung Ping to vent his anger because of the Fu Sang Gang spreading his rumors. Liang Bing, who could not bear the humiliation, avoided Lang Qing and dug Lei Long's father's grave with his brother. Qing was involved in it and unfortunately died, while Liang Bing, who wanted to avenge Lang Qing, met a weird ending...


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