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At the end of the day

Hong (Kwok Keying), a girl from the mainland, comes to Hong Kong for a few days to earn money as a prostitute. Hong meets Liang (Fang Zhongxin) by chance. Although the two encounter differences, they want to be the same as the end of the world. Liang was once imprisoned for his brother's crime for missing a robbery. After he was released from prison, he valeted the car in a nightclub. Liang Zai Yuhong learned that she wanted to obtain a fake passport to live in a foreign country, so Quan Quan assisted, and the relationship between the two took a big step forward. Zhou SIR (Li Chengchang) invites Liang to be an informant, and promises not to send Hong back to the Mainland. On the other hand, Yi finds Liang to participate in the robbery. If Liang acts as an informant, he betrays righteousness; if he does not act as an informant, Hong will be repatriated, and Liang is in a dilemma...


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