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The clown and the swan

The Ugly and the Swan Xu Akun is an out-of-date stage performer. He performed ventriloquist puppetry in the song and dance troupe. Every time he appeared on the stage, the audience always booed mercilessly, throwing fruit peels and confetti all over the stage. However, it made him feel embarrassed, because the audience was always eagerly looking forward to the wonderful performances of the showgirls. Under the realistic eyes of the audience, Xu was fired by the boss and kicked out of the theater. , showing her caring heart at the right time, as she left the song and dance troupe to wander around, looking for a new job. The two finally got a new job under the condition that they only received one salary, but Xu was kept in the dark and worked hard to perform in front of the stage, unaware that the audience was interested in applauding Zhu, who was dancing behind her, One day Xu finds out the truth of the matter and leaves sadly, but Zhu finds him back. Feeling Zhu's true feelings, Xu vows that unless Zhu tells him to go, he will never leave him again. The picture presented is still the audience's downturn during Xu's performance, and the audience's enthusiasm for Zhu's performance. Because of Xu Zhi's relationship, the two of them lost their jobs again. The new job has gradually become popular, and Xu is often...


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