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The young master of the An family "An An (An An)" lost to his rivals "Xiao Hei (Chen Ziqiang)" & "Qing Ting (Zheng Tongcun)" in the annual Orphan Snatching Competition. Afterwards, the two met in front of the town Shilipo nailed a lonely branch, but was beaten up by a little vixen named "Mi Mi". An An's "Housekeeper (played by Chen Songyong)" wants to avenge the young master, so when "Grandpa Jin (played by Jin Tu)"'s friend "Changsan" comes to stay with a group of corpse exorcising teams, one will use the invisibility technique. , a zombie named "Hong Kun" was stolen, with the intention of punishing Xiao Hei and Dragonfly who were in charge of guarding. Unexpectedly, the talisman paper on Hong Kun's forehead was torn off during the moving process, and a general with invisibility skills As a result, zombies bite people everywhere in the town, Grandpa Jin was arrested and imprisoned by the "Security Captain (Fat San)", and the invisible zombie Hong Kun fell into the master "Master Ho" of An An's father "An Ping (played by Huang Zhongyu)". In his hands, in order to live forever, Master He painstakingly built a different-dimensional paper house, and then put the captured Hong Kun into the paper house to be his thugs, and took the little fox spirit Mi Mi and the "little zombie (played by Hong Jingyuan) " also grabbed them into the paper house together, and asked them to be his eternal servants. Xiao Hei, Dragonfly, An An and Grandpa Jin's granddaughter "Juan Juan (played by Li Yijuan)" broke into the paper house to rescue Mi Mi and the little zombie, But they don't know that once they enter the paper house, they will never be able to get out unless...


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