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Wrathful Sea Rogue

During the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, foreigners dumped opium to my country in the name of doing business. Zheng Yi, the leader of Citi Pirates, is chivalrous and bold. He robs the rich and helps the poor. He specializes in robbing foreigners and smuggling ships at sea. The foreigners hate and fear him. The brave generals Qihai, Guo Podai and Zhang Baozai around Zheng Yi are all orphans adopted by him. Zheng Yi not only raises them up, but also makes them men with high martial arts skills. Zheng Yi was unfortunately killed in a battle against an opium ship in the East India. With the support of Zheng Yi's wife Ah Qing and Qi Hai, Zhang Baozai, who is already well-known in the rivers and lakes, became the leader of Citigroup. Guo Podai was dissatisfied with this. Zhang Baozai led the crowd to inherit the behest of his adoptive father, constantly robbed foreign ships, opened warehouses to sell grain to help the poor, and was deeply supported by the people. All this was seen by the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, Lin Zexu, who was interviewed privately by Weibo. The British consul put pressure on Lin Zexu to destroy the pirates who harassed the British "merchant ships". Lin Zexu ignored him. Zhang Baozai got acquainted with Dongchao, a woman who was sold in a brothel, and he had a good impression of her, and planned to redeem her. Just as he was returning to the base camp to withdraw money, he happened to meet Wu Shier, the leader of the black flag on the sea. Wu Shier asked Citi and Heiqi to unite against the Qing government. Under the aggressive generals led by Guo Po, Zhang Baozai and Guo sneaked into...


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