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Blood on the streets

Xi Rong (played by Li Zixiong), A B (played by Tony Leung) and Hui Zai (played by Jacky Cheung) grew up together in the steep area of ​​Shek Chu Mei. Future fantasies and longings. Because Ah B is going to marry his girlfriend Xiao Zhen (played by Yuan Jieying), everyone tries their best to raise money for Ah B. Fai Zai was robbed on the way to borrow a loan shark, Fai Zai was injured and went to the wedding. Later, Ah B and Hui Zai went to revenge and killed Po Qiang by mistake, and Xi Rong and the others fled to Vietnam. At that time, the mayor of Saigon was in a state of purgatory for everyone, and when the Viet Cong assassinated Vietnamese politicians, Xi Rong decided to desperately earn a sum of money before leaving Vietnam. A Le (played by Ren Dahua), a Chinese-French relative of Xi Rong, is a professional killer. A Le learns that the Vietnamese bully Liang Yuen Sheng has a gold deal in a nightclub, so he cooperates with a group of insiders and outsiders. After a fierce battle, he snatches the gold away. Singer Chen Xiuqing nearly died...


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