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Beautiful girl gambler

The gambling world is unpredictable. As the top figure in the gambling world, Tang Yuan, the God of Gamblers, was assassinated at home. He had two daughters, Tang Yi and Tang Xin, under his knees. Tang Xin is far abroad, and the important task of revitalizing the Tang family falls on Tang Yi's shoulders. In order to avenge his father, Tang Yi followed Qiao Hairong quietly, and killed him when Qiao Hairong was full of emotion and unsuspecting. However, once Qiao Hairong died, his adopted son Qiao Jun took over his seat and ruled Rongxing. He also regarded the Tang family and Tang Yi as a thorn in his side. At the same time, Tang Xin came back from abroad and quarreled with Tang Yi as soon as she got home. Tang Xin couldn't stand it and left home with her luggage. Tang Yi was worried about Tang Xin's safety and asked Ouyang to secretly send someone to protect her.


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