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On the surface, Naoko (Tan Mi) is a young and responsible beautiful doctor. However, behind the scenes, she has an amazing secret that cannot be known to outsiders. When Xu Zi was 17 years old. That year, Naoko (played by Yuki Mamiya) suffered a huge life change. She was inexplicably kidnapped by a strange man and placed under house arrest. The man tortured Naoko mentally and physically, but treated her in every possible way in life and emotion. The huge contradiction caused Naoko, who was still in adolescence, to have huge doubts in her heart. In the end, Naoko killed the man and escaped from the magic den. Although many years have passed, this incident has cast a huge shadow on Naoko's mind, and she finds herself becoming an out-and-out "masochist". Naoko is a regular at a secret SM club where Naoko finds spiritual satisfaction in being roughed up by various men.


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