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The love of humidity

A young couple in a rural town opened a public bathroom. The husband was in charge of the boiler, and the wife collected money at the front desk. Ai Kurosawa could "look" at countless male nudes every day. Kurosawa Ai has an unspeakable sexual quirk: she likes water and loves to have sex in water. The towering chimney in the bathroom in the dark night, the lonely eaves in the rain and mist, lust is like continuous rain on the ground, expanding in the moist air. The repressed desires in Toru Kamei's erotic world are more intuitive and naked. The husband didn't understand his wife's needs at all, so he called a psychiatrist hoping to cure his wife's frigidity, but what needed to be filled was not the well of desire in Kurosawa's love, but the invisible line of communication and understanding between the two. chasm. The wife couldn't bear the temptation of the guest, and finally indulged her lust in the bathroom sink, moaning, pleasure, panting after the orgasm faded... The wife betrayed her husband, and the lust disintegrated love. The husband sold the bathroom and decided to go on a trip with his wife. When the train slowly left the town, the husband got off the train sadly, leaving Ai Kurosawa alone in the night. The love and happiness she was looking for were not what he could find. given.


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