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Tuan Ghost Six: Ghost Flower Banquet

This film is adapted from the novel of the same name by the famous S.M literary craftsman Tuan Guiliu... The newspaper's big advertiser, annoying the leader Yoshioka means that the newspaper will be in financial crisis. Yoshioka asked Okamoto to take his wife as an apology. In order to relieve her husband's worries, Shizuo volunteered to be a priestess for a week. Seeing Okamoto who kept blaming herself, Kumiko felt uncomfortable. It turned out that she was Yoshioka's sex slave in the past, and she approached Okamoto for revenge and used it to defeat the Chongde religion. But Kumiko gradually fell in love with Okamoto. Determined to rescue Shizuyo, she came to Yoshioka's house alone. Unexpectedly, Kumiko completely fell into Yoshioka's trap. She and Shizuyo fell into the endless sensory hell


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