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The post-80s girl Shen Xingchen (played by Liu Dong) had an unfortunate family since she was a child. Her mother eloped with others, and her father died in a car accident. She has lived in her uncle's house since childhood. The post-80s boy Mingyuan (played by Huang Ming) used to be neighbors with Shen Xingchen’s family when he was a child. Mingyuan’s parents engaged in smuggling in private. Mingyuan's heart was hit hard. A few years later, Shen Xingchen and Mingyuan were in the same class when they entered high school, and their childhood friendship underwent subtle changes. However, the misfortune of their respective families made the two of them bear huge spiritual trauma. They longed to be loved but did not know how to love others. The thinking about "love" and "life" also continued in the separation and reunion of the two.


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